CC Asia Band1

A proposal to call for your participation2

September 2007 by Yueh-Hsin Chu3 (a.k.a. Pig Head Skin)


The idea of a “CC Asia Band” has been, for some time, with the many people who are porting the Creative Commons Licenses to jurisdictions in Asia. In June 2007, during a bird-of-feather meeting in iCommons Summit 2007 in Dubrovnik, it was agreed that the idea should be realized as soon as possible. Pig Head Skin was asked to set up a plan to form the band, and to lead to its performance at the next iCommons Summit in Sapporo. This proposal outlines such a plan.

It is hoped that the band will be a showcase of cultural diversity in Asia, and its works will help bring the voices from this region to the globe. It is important that the band's musical works are made easily accessible to all people who might be interested in Asia and its voices. It is planned that an album will be produced by the band and released under a Creative Commons License. This album shall be distributed via multiple channels so as to reach its audience widely.

Musicians in the to-be-formed band will be multi-talented artists: Each will write original songs (melody and lyrics), as well as play and record the songs with other band members in a truly collaborative style. The band will consist of top electric guitar players, bass players, keyboard players, drummers, and vocalists. It is planned the musicians will hold rights to their works, while they produce a CC-licensed album to be marketed by a record label.


  1. The band is to be formed by artists from Asia, or the broader Asia Pacific region, and to produce musical works of distinct perspectives from this region.
  2. The band is to perform at iCommons Summit 2008 in Sapporo.
  3. The band is to produce a widely distributed, CC-licensed album.


By 2007-10-31, multi-talented artists approached by CC's jurisdiction projects or via other channels for their interest in this project. Key participants confirmed.

By 2007-10-31, sponsorship and financial arrangement mostly secured.

By 2007-01-31, on-site collaboration and recording.

By 2008-04-30, post production and distribution of the band's album.

During iCommns Summit at Sapporo (July/August 2008), live performance.


  • Artists: US$ 1,500 flat fee per artist, in addition to US$ 2,000 for airfare to/from Taipei and one-week accommodation in January 2008 for collaboration, and US$ 2,500 for airfare to/from Sapporo and one-week accommodation in July-August 2008 for performance. Sub-total: US$ 6,000 per person for a five-person band. Total: US$ 30,000.
  • Recording: US$ 700 per day, three-day session in a studio. Total: US$ 2,100.
  • Post production: US$ 2,500 for audio mixing and mastering; US$ 1,500 for CD graphics, liner notes, and package design. Total: US$ 4,000.
  • CD manufacturing: US$ 1.50 per copy, 3,000 copies. Total: US$ 4,500.
  • Flat fee for Pig Head Skin: US$ 1,500; no fee if project is not completed. Total: US$ 1,500.

Grand total: US$ 42,100.

Your participation!

  • Artists to take part in the band;
  • Contribution of ideas and perspectives on commons in Asia, for artistic presentation in the band;
  • Financial sponsorship, distribution arrangement, and support of any kind;
  • Any thought you have that will help make this band possible.

Please contact Pig Head Skin ( and Tyng-Ruey Chuang ( for any comment and suggestion you have, and please forward this document to anyone whom you think might be interested in it.

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