Track 2: MoShang (Taiwan) - CCAB


Chang Jui-chuan got back to me today with some lyrics for this track and I'm really excited about it. He thought it would work better at a faster tempo, so we've raised the bpm to 80 from 74. An .mp3 of the faster version can be found here:
It's in the MediaFire folder - link below…

I keep forgetting to add that the song is in D-minor if you would like to add something. It's very bare-bones at the moment, but we'll have it fleshed out a lot more soon. I've been using it as a jam-track, so it can really go in any number of directions - I'm pretty sure the addition of vocals will make it solidify quite a bit.


All files pertaining to this collaboration track can now be found at Mediafire:
It seems using Mediafire will be less restrictive, since participants have to have uploaded tracks to upload unrelated tracks to first, before being able to participate in a collaboration.


Pardon the ungainly name; it's only temporary ;^)

As a kind of test bed for the possiblility of using the "collaborate" feature on, I've uploaded samples of my proposed track for the album to To contribute to the track, please create an account at and let me know so that I can add you as a collaborator to the track. Once you've created an account, you can start your own collaboration track too, of course! I'm learning how it works as we go along, but if you get stuck, do feel free to ask.

I intend to do a version of the track that I did live with André van Rensburg at the CC Asia Megamix Concert in Taipei, have uploaded samples of the drum track and bass tracks.

At the moment, Chang Jui-chian is busy working on some lyrics for the track, but I welcome absolutely any contribution to it from the CCAB community. At the moment, I have no specific requests, but someone might have a go at replacing the synth bass-line with real bass. How about some guitar for this one, too, Sudev ;^) And scratching from one of our DJ's would be fantastic… Anything goes!

Here's a link to the current tempmix of the track:
The tempmix will be updates every time new elements get added, so this will always be the latest version.

Here's the YouTube video of the prototype for the track:

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