Uploading Contributions To Mediafire

Guidelines for using Mediafire to upload contributions to tracks and starting your own collaboration track.

Login to http://mediafire.com with the following details:
Email Address: moc.spuorgelgoog|dnabaisacc#moc.spuorgelgoog|dnabaisacc
Password: ccaband

NB: remember to log-out once your done in case someone else wants to log in!

Participants upload contributions to the tracks to the Mediafire account and then move the uploaded tracks to the appropriate folder - to do so, first upload your files, then click the "MY FILES" tab at the top, select your uploaded tracks and use the "Move Selected Items" menu item on the left to move them into the appropriate folder.

Keep in mind that we need high-quality files for later mixing. The 100mb file limit is more than enough to upload elements as WAV files, but if you wish to keep file sizes small (reducing uploading and downloading times), please use the lossless FLAC audio compression format.

Initiate your own collaboration track by creating a folder for it in the Mediafire account and uploading your initial elements to it. To create a folder, click the "MY FILES" tab at the top. The "Create New Folder" menu item is located on the left. To keep things tidy, please use the following naming convention for your track folder:
Artist (Location) - Track name

Your initial contribution can be anything, from lyrics, a drumloop, to a full backing-track as Monbaza has done. Please update these wiki pages with any info about your track - what you intend for the track, the kind of contributions you are looking for, etc. This is rather important, since we want to document the working process on this album.

You're welcome to take full responsibility for the track from initial idea to final mix, or just to act as a coordinator for collecting contributions to it. MoShang has the responsibility of creating album mixes for all the tracks unless the artist wants to do so himself. In the latter case, MoShang will master your final mix to fit in with the album.

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